Fashionable Leaders Exemplifying Self-Expression

FLES group, composed of individuals priding themselves on the acknowledgement and acceptance of their individuality, encourages you and all others to redefine your destiny.
Nina Simone

—Feeling Good

Feeling Good - Nina Simone

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Exemplify Self-Expression

Style: a way of doing something

Fashion: the prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behavior

Expression: The act of conveying or representing something in words, music, art, or movement

Art: Works produced by such skill and imagination

Art is a style of expression. Expression is an act of representing the self. Self-Expression can be prevailed through dress and/or behavior.

Acknowledge your skill; bring your imagination to life by expressing your authentic style because THAT is what fashion is.


Anonymous asked: are you planning to go see 'the beatles: the lost concert' film?

May 17th and I can’t wait.!


—Never Never


SBTRKT- Never Never

The Letter R. :)


So this semester, I was enrolled in Intro to Marketing Principles. There was a group project that was worth a nice percentage of our grade. For the project, we had to complete a 15-20 page marketing plan of whatever business we decide to come up with. .so OF COURSE I used my business plan for The Letter R as a guide to create the marketing plan.

Long story short: We received an A for The Letter R’s marketing plan.

Next people to impress: Angel investors

*brushes shoulders off*

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Fun fashion fact: Shifting Erogenous Zone

The Erogenous Zones can be described as specified areas of the body (mainly the breasts and genitals) that arouse sexual desire. Women use the concept of ‘shifting erogenous zone’ as a way to attract men sexually through dress.

It was introduced by a fashion historian named James Laver that explains the concept as a rapid change in female dress. For instance, in the late 1990s/early 2000s, ladies wore clothing that exploited midriff by wearing low-rise jeans and cropped tees.

In this generation, the places of the body that are emphasized through dress are the legs, breasts, back, and stomach. Women exploit these portions of the body by wearing clothing such as skinny jeans, leggings/tights, cropped tops, leotards, sheer blouses and halters.

Interesting things to know…in case you were wondering.


Eccentrics and unique creatures are in need of rulers in the world of bias. We plan to be the Pharaohs.

—Moe Cheeks; FLES Group (via itsthemotowncityy)

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Let me tell you about Moe:

Junior, Accounting Major at Howard U.

Interests in Fashion Design & Merchandising

Mission: to inspire the world to embrace the unique

Goal: to live the dream and make it come to life

Message to You: Normality is whack. Don’t be whack. Be authentic.